Uncover and Resolve the Hidden Blocks That Are Holding You Back.

About Brent

It all began when I was working as a counselor and then a licensed Psychotherapist in public health in San Francisco in the early 2000’s. I noticed that clients I worked with utilizing traditional modes of therapy would get a bit better. The depression or anxiety, drug use, etc. could be mitigated with some traditional interventions I had learned in school and in training.

However, inevitably symptoms would return over time or, strange to me at that time, an entirely new cluster of problems or issues would show up to replace any progress made in another area.

For example, a client I was working with on Depression / Anxiety would get some relief in that area and then another ‘hot spot’ would flare up; Whether that was a gambling addiction, relational problems, work issues, etc. I felt like I was plugging holes and not fixing the leak.

Now, one could argue that I was working with a very vulnerable group of people whose inner and outer worlds were riddled with problems, both general and severe, so of course, they’d have a new issue and could not make any resolutions or true healing; Commonly referred to as a ‘low-functioning’ person.

However, I noticed the very same thing in private practice with cash-paying, ‘high functioning’ San Francisco professionals as clients. They’d get better in some areas or that much more functional than they already are and then something else would crumble or blow up in their relationships (or lack thereof) or in their work.

I was missing something. It seemed that people had something going on at a core level that was consistent across all areas of their life that was in their way. Something was blocking them.

I began to really consider the methods and theories that I had been trained in and considered the ‘gospel’ of psychotherapeutic work was at best limited and at worst, useless.

This began a quest: I began to seek out new ways of learning about people and how they can be helped or guided through life’s problems. I had the opportunity to be exposed to and work with key thinkers and theorists in the traditional psychology world that worked within the frame of ‘core-issues’.  Basically, a set of principles that resides at a deeper level of a person and guides their ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. I was very excited by what I discovered in other people’s work with clients. Clients working within this core issue framework would get some true healing within themselves and by extension their choices and their outer world would also improve.

However, I tended to think a bit differently than other therapists and theorists working within the core issue framework and didn’t always agree with how core issues were being defined and worked with. A huge problem for me was also traditional therapeutic methods were still being applied to the core issue model: Interventions were largely the same. In other words, it was a great theory with limited to almost no real-world application.

This began yet another quest: Develop a good and true, well defined understanding of what is at the core of a person; How do we filter information from the environment and how do we decide what to do and what not to do? How can I work within that frame to enable people to make real life changes and get ‘unstuck’? How can I facilitate true transformation and perhaps, most importantly, can I create something that people can use in their daily lives to work with themselves and not become dependent on a therapist or coach?

What resulted was a method that uncovers and resolves the core mental and emotional blocks that are in your way.

Basically, the method resolves and corrects the internal blocks that are in the way of what you want.

Whether you are feeling blocked in your relationships or you are feeling blocked in your professional life and just can’t get to the next level, this method of correction can be applied to all areas of your life to get you to where you want to be.

The results are permanent: The mental and emotional blocks that you reduce and/or resolve do not return.  I actually warn all clients that you cannot go back. When you make changes at a core level, you have made actual change. In other words, you will be different and you will naturally make changes in your life. Sometimes they are quite dramatic; People get divorced, people get married, people sell a business or begin a new one. The change is real so make sure you are ready for what’s next!